Mini-computer-based glovebox with remote access


GLX-280AS is a mini-computer controlled glovebox, allowing access and control of the system through internet. The mini-computer controls the gas input/output and vacuum pump based on reading multiple sensors. Five sensors are installed on the system: differential pressure sensor, absolute pressure sensor, oxygen sensor, humidity sensor and volatile organic compound (VOC) sensor. One of the main features of the GLX-280AS is the very low leakage rate. There are multiple pre-defined routines, including: Normal Operation, Sample Load, Sample Unload, Continuous Purge and Vacuum Purge, making the operation of the system very easy. Besides, in the Manual Mode, one can manually control the valves for custom applications. The mini-computer saves the condition of the system at each second on memory, allowing to analyze the system for possible problems. Besides, it is possible that the system is checked by the company through internet.



  • Mini-computer based control system
  • Remote control of the system through internet
  • Multiple pre-defined operation routines for easy use of system
  • Very low leakage rate
  • Multiple electrical and gas ports
  • O2, H2O, VOC, P and DP sensors installed on system
  • Easy system troubleshooting by company through internet


Technical Specifications

Glovebox size (l x w x h)

138 cm x 65 cm x 85 cm

Main chamber size (l x w x h)

82 cm x 60 cm x 70 cm

Loading chamber size

l = 25 cm, D = 20 cm (Volume = 7 lit)

Main chamber walls

Stainless steel, t = 1.5 mm

Glovebox window

Tempered glass, t = 10 mm

Glove Port

Round Al port, for 8 inch gloves


2  shelves, 60 cm x 12 cm, mounted at different height

Gas Ports

KF16 port (1x), 1/4 inch manual on/off valve


Butyl gloves, l = 80 cm, D = 8 inch, t = 0.4 mm


Warm white (1x), Cool white (1x)

Manual pressure gauge

2 manual pressure gauge: vacuum gauge (-1 – 0 bar), Input gas pressure gauge (0 –
2.5 bar)

Loading chamber doors

Outside door: rotation sliding, screw lock ; Inside door: Jack-lift, screw lock


Oxygen sensor: Electrochemical, 0-100% ,
Resolution 0.01%

Temperature sensor: Resolution 0.1 °C

Humidity sensor: 0-100%, Resolution 0.1%

Differential pressure sensor: 0-4000 Pa, Resolution 1 Pa

Absolute pressure sensor: -1000 mbar – 1000 mbar, Resolution 1 mbar

VOC sensor: 0-100 ppm, Resolution 1 ppm

Mini-computer and electronics system

7 inch touch LCD, Resolution 480×800

Ethernet port, 4 USB 2.0 ports, Wifi, Bluetooth

Automatic saving of sensors and valves data (one dataset per second)

Software features

Automatic control of pressure by tuning the rate of gas input and exhaust

Pre-defined routine for sample loading and unloading

pre-defined routine for continuous or vacuum purging

Manual mode to turn on/off the valves

Automatic control of vacuum pump

Online display of the sensor values

Internet access and control of the system 

Electric ports

USB port, 4 banana plug connections

Pneumatic system

Electric valves, 1/4 inch and 1 inch.

Pressure regulator 0-2.5 bar at the gas input line

Stainless steel bellow for vacuum connections

Exhaust foot pedal (to ease of working with gloves)


Single phase, 220 VAC, 1000W

16A surface socket inside main chamber (2x)

6 A circuit breaker for electronic system

6 A circuit breaker for electric valves

16 A circuit breaker for the surface sockets

Safety switch


150 Kg


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